, Missouri

, United States

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2020-02-13 18:50:39
“I just enjoy building something and then seeing it preform/fly, while continually tweaking it for improvement. Also I enjoy the social interaction with others who share the same interests. I have been enjoying this hobby/sport since age 12 and am now 63. Also, going to the same hobby shop for all those years and now teaching and sharing with my grandchildren and sons. The swap meets, social interaction, learning and creating processes and so much more have been a huge part of my life. To end this sport/hobby, for special interests or any other reason is in no way progress. Maybe we should re-evaluate what progress really is. This hobby has never yielded anything ever ,in all those years that was bad , but has provided unlimited experiences of learning, enjoyment, social interaction with many age groups and genders, charity benefits for many needs , etc. How could or why would anyone what to end a very special hobby/sport like this?????”