Deshaw Jr.

, Essex Junction

, Vermont

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-16 16:43:00
“Ashamed to admit to this, but I was one of the many impacted by the Opiod Epidemic in Vermont. To be short, I had ACL reconstruction on my knee that failed and wound up hooked on the pain medicine as it was my only relief. I got into a program which helped save my life, and in this program they stressed getting new friends and new hobbies. I decided to finally give flying RC planes a go and have never looked back. The Great folks at Flight Test may not know this but they were the new friends as in this area in VT I am littered with people who ONLY live for Friday Nights(drinking & drugs, I swear its all they do out here) but watching their videos daily to learn how to fly, I found myself laughing, and inspired and eventually bought my first aircraft and started the search for a club.. I have been Sober for 2.5 years now and my biggest request is PLEASE dont make it easier for people to go do drugs and drink than pursue a new hobby because of misinformation, NOBODY OWNS THE SKY. I cannot tell you how many people are already scared to get into the hobby because of the non stop regulations and costs. Its truly a nightmare here in VT trying to get people my age into the hobby, as its already cheaper and easier for them to ROT their brains instead of use them and learn something. I see you they keep taking SOBER things away for people to do and not adding anything but another Bar in place. Apologies if “off-topic” a little bit, but it affects more people in many ways… Please dont make decisions that affect things you know nothing about!!! Almost every channel teaching RC emphasizes SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!!! I hope to continue you my journey with my new found hobby that helped save my life even when the crowds are still partying, id rather FLY. How complicated and expensive are you going to make flying for me? already paying $160/yr in AMA and club Fee’s which is absurd in my opinion already and scared many away as it feels a scam to play with my toys for 7 mins at a time that already cost nearly thousands of dollars, or a lot of my time to assemble.. -Chris Deshaw from VT”