, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-15 19:01:17
“I have always loved airplanes ever since I can remember. I had the opportunity to help my neighbor build an rv8 kit plane when I was in elementary school. I also began flying rc around the same time together with my dad. I have enjoyed the challenge of designing, building and flying my own rc aircraft designs, with varied levels of success, since the beginning. I have also become friends with great people through participating in the hobby. I see the new regulations as a serious threat to those of us, who are not involved in the flying of radio control craft in a business related manner. This hobby has exsisted in some form as long as humans have been capable of and entrigued by making things fly. Radio control flying is not currently an unregulated activity. I do not believe that the added complexity and cost of remote id will result in improved public saftey. Those who already do not to follow the rules and fly in an unsafe manner, will continue to do so regardless of additional regulation, and the rest of us will be forced out of the hobby by the added burdens of over regulation.”