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2020-02-15 18:47:09
“Since I was five I was driven to fly, it has been the center of my life. I went to school and got my bachelors and masters in aerospace engineering, as well as my private pilots license. Due to living in a city, the cost, and the time commitment at this time I can’t keep up with piloting general aviation aircraft. I found this hobby of remote controlled aircraft (I build and fly fixed wing aircraft only) and it has allowed me to continue to explore flight both in building and piloting aircraft. While I am home in the city I build aircraft or repair broken ones from the previous flight. When I visit family in NJ, I go to a local park and try out my new builds or relax and fly a proven build. I also have been able to connect with my brothers and cousins by sharing this hobby. I am worried that the new regulations may make it so that I can’t continue in the hobby.”