, St Cloud

, Minnesota

, United States

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2020-02-14 1:51:29
“My name is El Stocker. Most of my life I have been interested in rc cars and planes but I couldn’t afford the Hobbie. About three years ago I was able to by my first quad copter a Syma X8 manual control and I was hooked. I now have several more and I have a couple GPS camera quads. I enjoy flying and filming in senic areas like lakes and country settings. This is my main forum of recreation and I love it. With the proposed regulations none of my current drones would comply and the financial burdan of buying new compliant drones would be out of my reach. I wouldn’t be able to continue this Hobbie that I love. If people found out the government was going to enact this kind of tracking and data collection for their cars or boats and other recreational activities they would be outraged. This is america, these proposed rules should be out of the guestion. As far as the safety concerns, we as UAS pilots are the safest group and activity there is. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.”