, Spokane

, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-14 1:17:01
“I am almost sixty years old and have been around flight all my life. My father was in the Air Force. So I grew in that atmosphere of air shows etc. I am a pharmacist by trade. Yet my passion for flight has gone from guided wire glow plug planes to build balsa gliders and rubber band planes. With my children i have passed it along. From paper airplanes, model rockets, to bind in fly park flyers, to home build aircraft and multi rotor. My oldest son had a passion for engineering and my youngest computers. We have combined them to build all sorts of aircraft. It has been a great educational tool to teach physics, math, science, not to mention fun. This hobby as i get older has become a true passion for me. It allows me to go flying with my sons and hopefully my grand children. I always wanted to be a pilot, but with certain health issues i could not at the time. So i have keep up on the innovations in the field. So now i can fly planes like a pilot but i am on the ground. We built fpv planes. So now my son and i can taxi, take off, fly, and land them all from a chair. We modified a mini f-22 to accept fpv and put 2 motors for differential thrust for taxi. I have been a hobbyist all my life. I will admit i have not been ama member or club member. I build for fun and education. We have alway made safety an issue with flying. With remote ID verification and the other rules, it will truly kill a great teaching hobby. Will it stop people from flying? Maybe, but probably not. Will they follow the rules? Would i take a test for being able to do what i do: yes i would. I have a driver’s license, a boater license, but now where does my boat or car have remote ID. Maybe they can put a breathalyzer on them so the car will not start, and will report you for driving it while intoxicated, and give my all my information through an isp. In all the years i have been involved with this hobby i have never killed anybody, Have i had mishaps yes, but we were in areas that did not damage property or an individual. Are you going to put remote ID on paragliders. For the most of the people flying in this hobby are responsible and safety is a concern. What is being proposed does not solve the issue. I can tell you a 50 pound drone delivering a package and fail safe will cause you folks a bigger problem. All this will do is kill a teaching hobby (stem programs for schools). As to ideas: it all comes down to money. I have always tried to be legal and safe in my flying. This proposal just shows that the people who drafted it, has no idea about my hobby. All it does is allow big business to commercialize glass g airspace. What it will do is possibly kill off the next wright brothers and lose a great educational tool.”