, Roy

, Utah

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 2:16:24
“First of all it’s part of my livelihood, but more important than that is my family. I have children under the age of 13 and these new rules would ground them. They are really good pilots and I trust them with any of my airframes. Of course we always fly together! This has lit a spark and a fire in my son. He is really interested in Flight and stem! This would cause major damage to young ones in America getting excited about flight! It would also damper my ability to fly. The only way that I could afford to get in the hobby was to scratch build my own airframes. Not only will this effect our children but it will hurt vets as well. I know lots of US vets who use it as therapy for PTSD there is something about the build process and all these regulations would kill their ability to use the hobby as an outlet!”