, Illinois

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2020-02-14 19:29:12
“The advent of multi-rotor aircraft is the main cause of all this attention. They fly where they should not fly. Most have no idea of any rules or safety concerns. Most do not join a flying club nor do they even realize the AMA exist. We AMA members are not the problem and do not appreciate being made to feel like we are the problem. We have a comprehensive set of rules and regulations we adhere to. We fly at approved flying sites and are not interfering with anyone else. I fly fixed wing airplanes from 24 inch wingspan to 110 inch wingspan. My planes can weigh up to 25 pounds, have glow fuel or gasoline powered engines. I have a few electric ( battery powered ) airplanes. My planes fly from a walking pace speed to 120 mph. My planes are always flown at an AMA approved flying sites. I belong to three AMA represented clubs in our area. I have 17 flyable airplanes, always working on one or two, and have a stack of “to do” planes on the shelves in the garage. The cost of the individual planes range from $100 to a few thousand dollars each. Please don’t tell my wife. We, the RC Airplane hobbist, have been flying free flight, control line and radio controlled airplanes since before the Wright Brothers made their first manned flights. Building and flying airplanes is a great hobby, have met dozens of other fellow hobbyists around the midwest who love the hobby as I do. I would invite FAA representatives to come to one of our local clubs and see what the real hobby is all about. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, FAA!!! Leave us alone and address your concerns to the people who are causing the problems. Thanks, Doug Taylor, AMA 433087.”