, Pennsylvania

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2020-02-14 19:30:10
“I have been a private pilot since 1980. When I was younger, my son and I would go for a short flight and then go out to the park (Mammoth Park, Mt Pleasant, PA) to watch the “old guys” fly. Close to my retirement I decided to join the old guys at the field. I am now the secretary and news letter editor of Laurel Highlands Model Airplane Club. I currently fly electric and glow planes in the summer and micros indoor in during the winter. I cannot think of a better hobby to spend my retirement time. I believe that these new proposed restrictions would put a damper on my/our activities. The club has well attended, family picnics (we have over 100 members )with fun flys, foamy warbird competitions, night flys (with permits and with informing the local airport tower), scale contests, speed contests, combat racing, endurance contests, glider competitions, and visits from local high schools where we share our extensive knowledge with young people. I do hope that the FAA will reighn-back these restrictions on CBO clubs and let us recreational flyers enjoy a hobby that has gone on for generations without issues. Here are links to our<strong>Facebook page</strong>and our<strong>Feb 2020 newsletter</strong> &lt;strong&gt;Thank you for everything you do for our community!&lt;/strong&gt;</u> <strong>sincerely,</strong> <strong>jim zamerski</strong> <strong>Latrobe, PA</strong> <strong>724 454 3003</strong>”