, Chattaroy

, Washington

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 19:22:19
“I have been involved in RC hobbies since I was a kid. At 9 years old I was learning how to build and fly my first balsa wood model. What does that mean? It means at 9 years old I was learning how airfoils work, design, geometry, blueprint reading, fine woodworking skills, electronics, internal combustion engines, radio transmission and receiving, mechanical advantage, center of gravity, torque, speed, and fine motor skills. Fast forward 30 years later and I’m still involved in flight and building. A few years ago I was dealt a tough card and left with a disability that has made it difficult to be involved in physically demanding activities. In a way I’m happy that this has allowed me to focus more on the Rc flying hobby. Now I’m doing all the things I’ve been learning and developing since childhood and I’m learning to build more advanced aircraft using newer technologies consisting of carbon fiber and cutting edge battery technology with advanced circuit boards and on board GPS and first person view cameras. The technology’s I have learned in the last few years have inspired me to learn new manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, creative design software, CAD/CAM software, Vector design software, and PCB configurators. Through learning this tech I have decided to pursue a new career as a CNC programmer/machinist and have gone back to college to begin a new career. The biggest reasons I’m opposed to all these new burdensome regulations are based around the fact that there are millions of children out there, disabled people, people with mental health issues, and families trying to bond that all need a safe, positive, and constructive hobby like RC flight. All these new burdensome and overreaching regulations have the potential of destroying innovation, knowledge, skills, education, and technology that could be the exact thing that saves the lives of the very people that are trying to impose these regulations which are largely based on fear of something they don’t understand. I encourage the people at the FAA writing and advising these proposed regulations build a model, learn to fly it, strap FPV to it, learn about the features and safety of INAV, Betaflight, and many other brilliant and innovative software programs that utilize GPS systems and highly advanced electronics and then and only then can I consider that the individuals writing these regulations understand what they are regulating, the negative effects of the regulations and the good intentions of the community that makes up the RC flying hobby.”