, Claremore

, Oklahoma

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 16:16:47
“Flying radio controlled planes is a hobby that I’m very passionate about. I helps me relax, relieves stress, and helps a lot with my depression. I live in Claremore, OK. The closest AMA club field is around 35 miles from me. The closest airport is about the same distance but in a different direction. The AMA field is a long ways for me to go to fly a small foam plane for an hour or so every few days. I like to fly in an undeveloped industrial area on the outskirts of our small city. I follow the altitude rule and I ensure that I’m flying in a place that will not effect any people or property. All of my planes are foam with the heaviest being 3.5 pounds and cost less than $300. I understand that regulations are needed. I’m all for the safety of everyone. I recently downloaded an application for my phone called AirMap. It is an excellent application that shows where I am and if there are any restrictions in the location I’d like to fly. I’ve gotten in the habit of checking it each time I fly. Flying below 400ft and not flying in any restricted space along with not endangering people or property seems to be all that is needed for hobbyist like me. Having an application that I can “Check In” with that records my location and who I am at the time of check-in, would work very well and not cost hobbyist a lot of money. Please consider something like this application for RC plane hobbyist who’s planes are light weight like mine. Thank you, Denny”