, West Virginia

, United States

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2020-02-24 16:18:33
“I am disabled and I can not give up FPV or any part of the hobby. FPV IS THE ONLY THING that has helped me with my disability. With my disability I will never be able to travel more than thirty minutes from my home; so AMA sites are out of the question for me as they are ALL more than an hour away. I would never be able to afford the club dues anyway. Aside from that, not one AMA site within 100 miles of me allows FPV, multi-rotors or even helis; they are fixed wing ONLY and have an extreme hatred toward anyone that does anything else. I could never even begin to afford the costs involved with this FAA NPRM of RID of UAS. Also, in the area that I fly, there is no WiFi, and cellular service is very intermittent; not reliable for even a quick call. There are only two spots that I can fly (have permission to fly) that are within my travel capabilities; neither of them have WiFi or reliable cell service. I have struggled with my disability (Severe Mysophobia) all my life and 20 years ago it became so bad that I completely gave up what RC I was into (Cars, Trucks, LOS planes, Helis), and just gave up all together on living a somewhat normal life and began staying in my home. In 2008 my disability got to the point that I just locked myself in my home and never left except a few times when I had no choice. It got to where I could not even step out onto my porch to get my mail. Those times that I left it was so detrimental to me that I didn’t even answer my phone for months. In 2014 I saw some videos on FPV multi-rotors and FPV on planes. The FPV aspect is what got me thinking that it might help my disability since it was something that I had never tried. So I started researching and started saving up every penny I could to get something to try out. In 2018 I finally saved up enough to get started and got some cheap equipment and some micro multi-rotors and AIO FPV cameras to add FPV to them. I started flying in my tiny living room and after a couple months, I was able to sit on my porch and fly in my yard. So my wife and I started looking for a place for me to go where no one would be around and I could fly. We found a spot at a local soccer field which is empty 90 percent of the time. Only some games in evenings a couple times a week and sometimes on weekend evenings. So I could go there without having to worry about people most of the time. Of course, no flying when anything is going on there. We spoke to the property owner, the lease holder and the soccer organization heads and they all gave me permission to fly there; they actually encourage me and others to fly there to help reduce the vandalism and theft that has occurred there. Since then they have spoken to me about the possibility of adding RC aviation to the facility to get kids in the area that can’t or won’t play sports interested in technology and to have something to do to keep them out of trouble. In fact there are, that I know of, three Disabled USA Military Veterans that fly there frequently and have all said that RC aviation is the only thing that helps them with their PTSD and depression. One of the Disabled Military Veterans even said to me, and I quote, “If it wasn’t for this hobby (ie. RC aviation) and the good people of this field allowing me to fly here, I would probably have ended it all long ago.” Honestly, I can relate to that statement more than I wish to admit. It has been a serious struggle for me to leave my home every time I go to fly but I have forced myself to do this. I have made some progress but I still have a very, very long way to go. The fact that two years ago I could not leave my house at all and now I can go to this field and one other where I also have permission to fly close to me (local high school) is a huge leap in fighting my disability. In 2 years of FPV, I got to the point that I can on my best days, walk into a store when it is void of people (other than employees) and get something I need. It has to be a quick trip in, grab what I need, pay, get out, then douse myself in hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes when I get in the car. I’m not really sure what exactly it is about FPV specifically that has helped my disability, but I can not give it up. It has not only helped with my Mysophobia, but it has improved my physical health as well. My goal is to become at least a somewhat functioning member of society again. But without this hobby, specifically FPV RC aviation, this goal will never be possible. If it is taken away, I will just regress to where I was and continue to get worse. I CAN NOT live like that again! ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS… I could easily go on for another 50 pages with all the issues that will be caused by this NPRM on RID of UAS, but here are a few… *There is the major issue of safety to pilots when it comes to the RID itself and it being broadcast. If anything is broadcast to the public, even just the aircraft’s location, this WILL put all pilots in danger from anti drone and any anti RC nuts. There already have been drone pilots shot and killed by anti drone nuts. Last year, one instance not far from me, a pilot that was working with electric company maintenance was shot while inspecting lines. These things do not make it to the mass media outlets. Also, if a kid is using an aircraft and their location is being broadcast, this makes them an easy target for child predators. *Then there is the dangers of commercial delivery drones. Flying over homes, property, parks, events, businesses, busy cities, busy walkways, crossing and following roadways, etc., all just to get those deliveries out. These drones will not be immune to failures, bird strikes, or anyone that is determined to take them out of the sky to either steal the packages and the drone, or to modify the drone and use it for malicious intent. No one will be safe anywhere at any time with commercial deliver drones. Who will be blamed every time one of these commercial delivery drones damages property, or injures or kills one or several people at a time due to some failure or just getting too close? *All the businesses that will be gone due to this RID. *All the people that depend on this for their livelihood. *All the jobs that will be lost. This will cause many other issues everywhere (unemployment, poverty). *The disabled Military Veterans that depend on this hobby to help their PTSD and those that it has helped to build motor skills after severe injury in the battle field fighting for our freedoms; the very freedoms that the FAA is taking away. *STEM/STEAM programs as well as all education and degrees in aviation and aerospace. *No more education, innovation, inventions involving aviation and aerospace. *The loss of interest, of this and future generations, in anything that involves technology, aviation and aerospace because there is nothing to get them interested. * Without today’s young, and future generation’s interest in the fields that RC envelops, this country will fall behind technologically and we will be in grave danger.”