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2020-02-24 16:12:55
“I am 72 years old and a retired government employee. I have been flying UAS for 5 years. I chose to become a recreational pilot to experience the thrill of flight via First Person View (fpv) and as a means of expanding my photographic opportunities. Since doing so I have experienced the benefits of building my own quadcopters and fixed wing aircraft, expanded my knowledge of aerodynamics, learned about how remote-control systems function and operate, and model aircraft design. Having read through the proposed restriction, I sincerely believe that the basis for them are unfounded and will have severely restricting influence on the future of amateur flight enthusiasts. To my knowledge there have been no news-worthy, adverse incidents involving recreational UAS. There is a lot of hype on worst-case scenarios, most of which a publicized to influence an uneducated general public. As a retired Gov’t employee, I also know that once our freedoms are restricted, they will never be regained. Also, much of this proposal reads like it was crafted to exploit commercial interest. The persons that I fly with follow existing FAA regulations. They do not fly in restricted airspace, more than 400 ft above the controller, or distances greater than line of sight. Moreover, the proposed regulations will have a profound impact on what has become my main interest in flying UAS; aerial photography to supplement my normal photography endeavors. It will severely impact where I may use my aerial cameras and what I may photograph.”