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2020-02-23 11:41:12
“Safety, these rules will not make model flying safer than it is now and has been since before the ability to radio control them. Used for privacy invasion, many examples of hidden cameras that have been installed in place have been found to violate intentionally other people’s privacy, and there are laws against this already but they don’t eliminate them, people who will violate those laws will disregard faa rules as well, those who respect others will refrain from those actions as a matter of principal. Terrorism, I have always thought this subject one that it is pointless to debate, once the jin has been let out of the technology bottle you can’t put him back in, it proliferates world wide and has in this instance, restriction of that technology is unenforceable and is available to anyone with a smart phone or computer with the ability to access Craig’s list or eBay etc… I believe that with more people flying models that if an unsavory individual or group were to fly to damage infrastructure or people that it would be noticed faster by modelers with an eye to the sky than your average non flying individuals. These rules in my opinion were designed to kill my hobby, one that has an almost spotless safety record of over a half century, that has inspired young people to participate in the aeronautics field on numerous levels. I think a watchful flying populace is more effective in policing the model aircraft likely to cause issues than expensive and weighty electronics or a ban on flying where no people are likely to be injured anyway.”