, Sterling

, Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 11:42:59
“I have been flying remote control aerial vehicles since working on them in college. While I occasionally have flown at a local club field as a guest I mostly fly closer to my home or on vacations. My dad also often flies on vacations around the country. Near my home I normally fly on unoccupied soccer fields either at my local community college or a nearby park. This is great as another use of these community spaces. We are low impact and several times I’ve also seen fellow flyers flying everything from planes to helicopters to quads. Sometimes with friends. In my area if people really could only fly at the one inconveniently located local field in the area you would functionally kill the community. This means the dad’s with their kids that I see flying or at the hobby shop would no longer be able to spend that time together doing this activity that they connect on. Recreational flyers enjoying new locations, like my dad flying at the beach, would not be ok. Many of our aircraft are too small to hold the remote ID equipment. Also the cost to maintain multiple subscriptions would be cost prohibitive for my hobby and I’m sure for others as well. Finally what frustrates me the most is that these suggested regulations are to curtail the activities of people not engaged in the community. A few bad apples are being used to justify potentially killing a huge industry, a positive form of STEM recreation, basically because it seems easier than actually managing it with some effort. This seems unnecessarily lazy and heavy handed.”