, Lubbock

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-23 11:37:14
“I am a USAF veteran, father, husband and community leader as a private practice family dentist in my hometown. I have been flying R/C fixed wing aircraft for 30 years. Not only does this hobby provide a personal enjoyment, but I believe helps to provide a therapy of mental stimulation and stress reduction to my demanding and busy career as a dentist. I am happy that I have been able to mentor several high school and college aged individuals over the years who were interested in engineering and aviation as a career. Though building, model set up and flying instruction, I have enjoyed the friendships and mentoring that I have been able to participate in with these youth and future community members. Model aviation simply brought us together. I do not intend or have ever participated in commercial model aviation, but am a hobbyist only. I have a passion for scale model subjects and enjoy learning about the rich history of many of these aircraft. I am a Contest Director with my Academy of Model Aeronautics membership and have been President or Vice President of my Local Model Aviation club for the past 13 years. I am the founder of West Texas Warbirds, a local model aviation event that has been successfully been held for 14 years, providing a festival of sorts to celebrate the rich heritage of military aviation in a model aircraft airshow for the public. In short, model aviation is a VERY important part of my life and my outreach to my community. I am concerned that the proposed rule changes that the FAA is proposing will drastically effect the future of this great hobby and model aviation in general. The proposed changes are simply too complicated, too expensive, impractical and serve to negatively effect this important American pastime. I am the first to agree that safety is an important factor not only to the modeler, but also to the spectator and innocent bystander in the area of model aircraft activity. I am mostly a club field user and line of sight flyer only, but can see where those who do NOT have a club field could be displaced from the hobby unfairly. I also am a big proponent to the Community Based Organization like the AMA and strongly support modelers participate in organizations like this for news and updates within the hobby activity, but especially for the liability insurance that it provides. I would like to see fewer proposed restrictions to altitude, complicated electronic identification systems and boundary enclosures to already established and registered dedicated flying sites that have been in the community for years. These simply aren’t necessary and actually provide a safe and known RC aircraft activity area already. In my opinion, the more hobby participants that can be directed to these sites that are organized and safety controlled locally, the better for everyone! The REAL issues that face the FAA is the small, unorganized or lone model flier in the random airspace cain the community, especially populated communities. I feel these examples should possibly be more restricted to aircraft ceiling, weight and power types as well as prohibited to a certain radius from manned and commercial aviation airports. I feel very strongly of the opinion that electronic identification and internet communication should NOT be a part of any UAV model aviation activity UNLESS that flying activity is performed out of the line of site format. FPV flying should only be authorized at indoor sites or within line of site restrictions. I sincerely hope that the long time model aviation hobbyist like me can continue their activity without restrictions to their already safe and conscientious practices and the FAA and CBOs like the AMA can agree to a mutually beneficial agreement to future model aviation activity.”