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2020-02-16 17:06:31
“Retired Army and love to fly manned and unmanned and I believe regulations are stifling both areas. Model aviators become real aviators like me. No I do not fly commercial nor will I, age is not on my side. The little ones that build and fly planes with the older generations and dream to become aviators will have that light of hope stamped out by draconian regulations that would incur too much costs for the kid down the street to get started in. If you want aviation to survive then don’t regulate model aviation like you are proposing to. Look in to a man named Joe Nall he worked for the NTSB and loved model aviation, but sadly was killed in an airplane crash going to a crash investigation. There is an event put on by his friend Pat down at TripleTree Aerodrome in Mr. Nall’s behalf for the youth of the world to enjoy model aviation, please take time to visit with him and have a educated conversation along with Josh and his folks. We need to preserve this national treasure not regulate it to death. EK~”