, Georgetown

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-14 21:47:46
“It is one way I spend my valuable free time. I enjoy model building and sport flying of all types: fixed-wing, helicopter, multirotor, and FPV around all kinds of sites either by myself or with a group. I fly safely at all times inside my home, around my property, my neighborhood, or at parks and designated club sites. The onerous rules of the FAA are clearly proposed by individuals and groups who have little to no knowledge of the hobby. It feels very similar to onerous firearms laws enacted by similar individuals and groups who again have little to no knowledge of firearms operation, safety, and sports. As a freedom-loving individual, the FAA has used zero data in proposing these rules. No risk assessments were conducted and there is no factual data to back these onerous regulations that would strip thousands of people of their freedom to enjoy this hobby.”