, Georgia

, United States

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2020-02-14 22:07:17
“Recreational fixed wing CL and RC has been a part of my life since childhood and has been a most definite plus in my adult profession. It exists in the real world, has real consequences, and not everything in life can be represented by a simulation. The only REAL safety issue here is a midair with new commercial drones who need to confiscate airspace for the all important almighty dollar that is driven by corruption at it’s heart. This proposed FAA ruling is a direct assault on ” pursuit of happiness” and more importantly “quality of life” in so many social and familial aspects for me and countless others, represented by a CBO or not. This RID, FRIA, homebuilt, registration, et al process needs to be SLOWED or HALTED for RECREATION, and then completely divorced from COMMERCIAL enterprise. The proposed regulation AS WRITTEN with respect to commercial payload drones ONLY probably should be accepted. It truly is all about a PASSION, the QUALITY OF LIFE and the continually crumbling cornerstone of freedom. Thank you for fighting for ALL of us.”