, Butler

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-13 23:05:46
“Story I’ve always had a fascinating with flying since I can remember. I’ve always had a drone or a small plane to fly but as i got older priority chang, started working a lot, got a girlfriend. I eventually proposed to her and on the wedding day I ended up in the ER in Pittsburg. I had 2/3 of my larg intestines removed. I ended up being bed ridden for three months. I did not have cable so I watch a lot of YouTube. I ended up finding one of David Windestal video of him flying his plan with a weather balloon attached to it, then i found flite test then i become obsessed thin anything flite related. I’ve bought several of their plans, I’m even working on scratch bolding a 1/10th scale raptor drone. I even have two nephews that want to learn how to fly. Concerns If this hobby is to expensive for a entry-level person, this hobby is going to die. Then you will have a generation of people who know nothing of aviation. I added anything weight-wise to my small plane they would not fly, so i would Have to fly bigger plane with an even bigger battery Which just adds more weight, and I’m going to have to add bigger servos, And if I add all that weight to it I’m going to fly it faster and I’m probably going to crash it at some point.”
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