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2020-02-13 22:59:29
“I was born into a flying family. My father owned a well know aircraft refinishing business at Torrance airport. Flying is definitely in our families blood. In 1977 , My father and I build my first remote controlled airplane and we built it together, and we learned how to fly it together. In 1982, while building a 1/3 scale Stinson SR9 Gullwing, My father had a heart attack, and passed away. I finished the build and flew it in his honor. As years went by, I sat with my own son, and built his first RC airplane, all the while, staying very involved in the hobby. In 2016, I also had a heart attack, and while recovering, learned about different facets of the rc hobby. My grandson, goes to a STEM school, of which I help these young minds understand the concept of aerodynamics, how to build their own airplanes, and also how to fly them. My grandson , who struggled with math, has accelerated his math skills since building and flying his own airplanes. Also, This hobby has brought my wife and I enjoyment through the fellowship, the friends we have because of it, and the life long memories we have with our children and grandchildren. RC flight is also therapeutic. Two years ago, my cousins husband was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. To fight his depression, he started building models. He started with some small simple park flyers, and now, two years later, He flies large scale aircraft on his private property. This is his only hobby. These regulations would end his ability to fly on his own property. I strongly believe that these regulation proposals, have been written without understanding what this hobby is. Not everyone buys a DJI drone and flies it irresponsibly. I understand also that the fear of what could be, prompts some regulation. My suggestion is simple, In the cases of home-built aircraft, such as airplanes, helicopters, and what we call quads, 99% of these are flown at vacant field, parks and CBO’s, at altitudes below 400 ft. I do not feel that regulating these particular craft would be necessary as there are very few reported incidents with these type of hobby craft. The current regulations put on these craft are ample in my opinion. FPV, or “first Person View” aircraft are typically flown in areas that are not populated, and in the case of quads, (race quads or fpv quads or mini quads) they are typically flown in very compact areas where there are natural obstacles, or abandoned buildings or structures. Typically race quads and mini quads have limited flight times of less than 5 minutes per battery, so the range is limited. I also enjoy flying Long Range fpv with my grandson. We fly in a remote location with other pilots, we have spotters to ensure our flights are safe, and in 5 years of flying long range FPV, we have never had a single incident that did damage to personal property, flew in the vicinity of manned aircraft, or had any reportable complaints. This is by far one of the most enjoyable forms of FPV flight, and poses no dangers if done properly, which 99% of the time, is done properly. This hobby is my therapy, it is my connection to my grandchildren, it is my connection to my friends, and most of all, it is my pride, to be able to build models, fly them, and most of all, teach someone how to fly them. Since I cant fly manned aircraft any more, this is my flying. What has been proposed would take that away from my family, and my friends. This regulation proposal, as it is stated, will end this hobby in all truth. 99% of us follow the rules, are considerate, and are safe. Please consider other options and please work with groups like Flite Test. We can work together to reach a common goal.”