, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-19 10:54:18
“Building/flying multi rotors has taught me patience as well as problem solving/trouble shooting skills I would have never learned before. Getting into this hobby has also taught me skills like programming and soldering electronic equipment. After learning how to build/repair my multi rotors it has also given me the skills to repair other household electronics too. I’ve repaired “broken” printers, remote controls, cellphones, my laptop……Ect. it has been incredibly valuable to me and my family with So much less waste. Now, if there is an equipment failure in my household, chances are I’ll be able to fix it and no throw it out! Also the pure pride and joy I feel when flying a multi rotor that I personally have built is indescribable. It feels as if these regulations are only being put in place for the Benefit of certain special interest and not for ”safety reasons” which only increases my distrust of the FAA and their actual motives.”