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, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-19 10:55:42
“Flying is one of the most therapeutic things I have found in my life. No matter what problems you’re having stress burdens when you’re flying all you can think about is you and the aircraft. The world literally goes away for those moments. You are there , you are one with what you are flying. You have no time to think of anything else. The accomplishments in this Hobby are too many to list you learn so much about life from flying and RC. aircraft persistence patience One does not simply throw a plane in the air and begin to fly you have to study and learn this craft this hobby. There are so many sides to this hobby from the people you meet from the knowledge you gaine , the things that you have learned that you pass on to others. Anyone that questions this Hobbies impact could simply learn to fly an RC airplane from start to finish and when you land that plane for the first time you will understand this all.”