, Deming

, Washington

, United States

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2020-02-26 21:21:02
“On 300 pages of repetitious reasoning and definitions. I Wrote MY Comment Specifically to target WE Who are Amateurs and build our own stuff (even if it is half built). And to DEFEND our Private Property and Rural Areas. I will Not disagree with intent of this rather well structured proposal as I believe more and more UAS will be actually Integrated into some of our more congested airspace. Commercial Services becoming more realistic require a reasonable system to manage this integration is forward thinking. My request is that FAA Widen, and give us some slack as Modelers, the Definition of Amateur-Built, and our ability to fly on Private Property. For those of us UASAB or Amateur-Built, some of us who fly in part of the 80% of Mainland US airspace where you see no airplanes, Me and my friends would like to be able to fly our models in our back yards without having to register as a club or CBO – makes little sense why someone is going to subscribe to USS when they could just come up and ASK Me!! I am a Member of Academy of Model Aeronautics but I hold No Club Membership. I Hold a Current FAA UAS License Most of my flying locations have no cellphone or Internet. Most of my Flights last for 6 minutes or Less and below 300 feet – perhaps 600-800 foot passes. I read the whole thing. That’s a mean thing to do to a Senior Citizen Hobbyist Thank You for your consideration. ……………………….. bill”