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2020-02-26 21:11:00
“Pretty much all unmanned vehicles are flown fpv beyond people flying LOS. Pretty much all hobby grade equipment requires a ham license and therefore a call sign. Call signs identify the person and even their address and other information through the online fcc database. To be honest I have privacy concerns, but it seems like they want to make this information public anyway in app firm? Every Fpv setup essentially has all required hardware to be able to identify and broadcast this identifier. Most people in the general public will not have a capable receiver so the only people people who could see this information is equipped Law enforcement and other hobbyists etc. This puts a few more hours into the process of getting into the hobby, but it will further educate pilots on the wireless technologies they use and how best to use them while also growing amateur radio. Any drone that isn’t broadcasting a call sign is in violation of both the FCC and FAA and considered Rouge/unlawful. At the end of the day no one wants to broadcast their every move, but if someone Seriously abuses this tech, we need some way to find them. If you’re flying legal you are broadcasting your ID/Call Sign. I believe that for the public to serve out this level of intimate data as an ID the FAA should make fewer restrictions I.E. BVLOS long range flying legal and people will come in flocks to trade privacy for freedom. As long as you have the license plate you have fewer restrictions and in the event property is damaged insurance, civil suits and criminal proceedings take care of the problem like everything else in this world.”