, Oregon

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2020-02-19 0:30:57
“Flying fpv quadcopters and drones is more than a hobby to me and everyone around me as well. It’s about friends, family, and mental wellness. It helps me deal with stress and depression, it gives me an artistic outlet and a way to find motivation for my day to day life. Im concerned that these regulations will completely destroy an entire industry because the remote I’d regulations would be too costly. That thousands of people and families will become homeless, jobless, and go hungry. I’m worried for the veterans and others who suffer from mental illness. Who’s only respite from thoughts of suicide or hopelessness is flying or building their model aircraft/quadcopters. Fpv and aircraft hobbyists have always been concerned about safety. In five years of going to monthly events I have yet to see someone injured or a plane collision with a model aircraft/quadcopter. I dont think the new remote ID requirements apply to anyone outside of GPS and large commercial drone applications. Most model aircraft/quadcopter pilots stay below the tree line(or less than 10′ above) and fly in groups with plenty of spotters. The technical knowledge required to fly these aircraft along with the social aspects basically force you to take the time to learn safe flying practices as it has become an integral part of out culture. There are easily well over a million people building and flying amateur built drones today, flying almost entirely without incident for atleast the last 5 years. I think the FAA is more than capable of coming up with new regulations that would allow us to continue to do what we are doing, but in a reasonably regulated manner that will help us continue to keep the airspace and general public safe as we have been doing on our on.”