FT Legacy v.2 (1435mm)

FT Legacy v.2 (1435mm)


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We are excited to release our updated version of the FT Legacy. This new version features the new style landing gear which uses 3D printed mounting plates and strong .125″ spring wire (not included with plans). The new FT Legacy also incorporates a tail wheel and fins for the elevator to improve ground handling and flight performance with the twin motor configuration. Please be sure to check out our supplemental build video explaining the build for these new updates.


The FT Legacy was inspired by the Telemaster.  This was the plane that had the most impact on my personal growth as a pilot along with a legacy of its own.  The Telemaster has been a workhouse for many years, from flying cables over valleys to dropping candy for kids, this plane has been celebrated for not only its versatility but also its great flight characteristics from training to smooth aerobatics.

My desire for creating the FT Legacy was to not only honor the aircraft that inspired me so much but to also do the mods I longed to have in my youth.  The FT Legacy can be an excellent trainer as a simple 3 channel single motor version.  Smooth and relaxing flights with coordinated turns can be expected.  Add ailerons and split flaps and you will have a STOL aircraft that will turn heads and perform amazing aerobatics while still being gentle and forgiving.  With the twin motor version, you will be able to experience FPV, crazy aerobatics, and wild maneuverability.  All these versions will also enable you to drop anything from parachutes to candy from the bomb bay located under the CG of the plane.


Weight without battery: 2.45 lbs (1111 g)

Center of gravity: 2.5″ (64mm) from leading edge of wing

Control surface throws: 16° deflection – Expo 30%

Wingspan: 56.5 inches (1435 mm)

Recommended motors: 425 sized 1000 kv minimum

Recommended prop: 10 x 4.5 prop (3s) or 9 x 4.5 (4s)

Recommended esc: 30 amp minimum

Recommended battery: 2200 mAh 3s – 3300 mAh 4s

Recommended servos: (2-7) 9 gram servos