FT Simple Waco Glider (1397mm)

FT Simple Waco Glider (1397mm)


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The Simple Waco Glider represents the Waco CG-4 that was the most widely used American troop/cargo military glider of WWII. It was designated the CG-4A by the United States Army Air Forces, and given the service name Hadrian by the British. The glider was designed by the Waco Aircraft Company. Flight testing began in May 1942.


The FT Simple Waco Glider builds as easy as it flies. This model can be flown with only rudder and elevator or rudder, elevator, and aileron. Match up with any of our twin motor FT designs for an amazing tow experience. Under cambered wing tips give the Waco Glider very gentle flight and stall characteristics. The wide landing gear makes tow launches and landings a breeze.  Catching thermals, slope soaring, and even simple aerobatics are all possible with this model. Tow release and wheels are included.

Center of Gravity:
2 – 22.5 Inches (51-63.5mm)
from the leading edge
Recommended Electronics:
FT 7 amp BEC with a 500mAh 2S to 850 3S battery and 4 FT 9g servos
W: 55 Inches (1397mm)
Number of Channels
3 or 4 channel