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2020-02-13 20:10:01
“Fpv has given me a worldwide community of family. I have met people from all parts of the world through fpv and made some of the best friends i could have. Not to mention everything i have learned throughout my journey from aerodynamics, electrical wiring/engineering, radio technology, soldering, 3d printing. My sons and i can build a flight test plane in a couple hours out of basicly cardboard a motor couple servos and a esc take it 1/2 mile down the road to a field and fly it for around $100 us. Adding a transponder or internet access to this would double if not tripple the cost. I was introduced to the hobby by a $20 store toy my son bought with his birthday money. Now i have 4 planes all but one scratch built 2 ready to fly quadcopters 6 5″ racing drones 1 5″ freestyle drone one micro drone one 2.5″ racing drone and one 4″ racing drone. All of which would not be able to meet the requirments or have the ability to be retrofitted for remote id. Making thousands of dollars of toys paperweights.”