, Murrieta

, California

, United States

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2020-02-13 20:07:49
“I have been flying radio controlled model aircraft for 48 years. I have flown gliders, helicopters and fixed wing models. I currently design and build my own aircraft, mostly military jet park flyers made out of foam board. I currently have 60 models in inventory. Only 2 will be legal after these restrictions. One of my success story’s was a1950’s navy jet the F7u Cutlass. This plane killed 4 navy test pilots and 21 fleet pilots. Using actual drawings I found on the internet I built 2 planes and both suffered the same fate as the full size planes.” Post stall gyrations” in other words they fell out of the sky in an inverted spin. I repaired the 2 planes and discovered that the Vought Aircraft Company missed the center of gravity by about 2.5 feet on their aircraft. I adjusted my center of gravity and found the plane to actually be stall proof. I can fly with full aft stick and adjust the angle of attack with the throttle! I also have designed and flown 14 ounce F-14 Tomcats with working swing wings. I do not currently belong to a club as ours lost its flying field to progress and could not replace the field. In the last 15 years I have had to use 13 different locations to fly. Mostly empty fields and lots that have not been built on yet. I am teaching my 15 year old grandson how to fly RC planes and he is in Air Force Junior ROTC at school. It certainly would be a shame if I cannot continue his training. Many famous flyers built model aircraft and got interested in aviation.I just saw an ad for the U.S. Air Force showing a kid building a radio control airplane and later becoming an Air Force Pilot. To take this away is unamerican. I can’t even imagine life without this hobby.”