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, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-22 20:41:14
“I’m fortunate to have had a career in aviation that lasted 40+ years where I was a Military (CH-47 Chinook Helicopter) Aircraft Commander – VietNam Veteran), Airline, & Corporate Pilot, plus a retired (2008) FAA Aviation Safety Inspector – Operations. I logged in excess of 14,000 hours as an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot & Flight Instructor). Model aviation has been in my blood for 60+ years. I began building and flying model airplanes at age 12; I’m now 73 and a very active rc airplane/sailplane participant. This hobby encouraged me to learn to fly real airplanes. At age 19, I began what turned out to become a lifelong career in aviation! I know of many commercial pilots who got their start in this career field from building and flying model aircraft.”