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2020-02-14 0:23:26
“I have had 3 heart atcks 1 stroke, in 2014 i was run over at work and have both feet injrey, I’m 63 yr.’s old and use a 4 wleel scooter if I’m on my feet for longer than 15 min. 9/17 i have been on SSDI. Yes I am on a very fixed income and I pay my tax’s and bill’s, and pay your pay ck.@ the FAAA,. I have $ 110 in a sport club, 2k in a dji mavrick, and $ 70.00 in a fliet test diy. plane. Why do you want to make my life harder buy making me pay more money For a cel. phone just for a a FAA ID, and jone a Club or something just to spend a HR.or Two enjoying myself?Yes a lot of PLP. do some bad thing’s with Drone’s go fine them, make they pay with fine’s and put them in jial for 3 mo.’s..It take’s a lot out of me just to get ouy so I can just enjoy myself, Ok to fly I start with Batt. chage, then pue my gear in car, then take my scooter apart, (5part’s) got it in car. yhen drive to a flying park and start all over It take’s 25 min.’s eash time so to fly I’m into it 50 min.’s before I turn on my trn.’s/resv. And you want more of my fixed income just so you feel good about doing some so called good for me Ha Ha.Fix the PLP. who don’t play buy the rules not us who do play by your rules!”