, Beckley

, West Virginia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 0:25:02
“Not going to make a drawn out story of a childhood dream come true..BUT fast forward to a man who died twice, suffered many illnesses, to forced retirement to issues that all of those situations caused in my life, who by the Grace if God alone, has been able to enjoy that childhood dream come true through Flight Not just flying but setting in the cockpit as it were with FPV . Years before internet ever existed or even knowing clubs existed or how to build and fly, I did that, loved building, but flight escaped me hard to believe it took so many years for those dreams to come true.. But they did , all because of modern technology, internet, RC people of all kinds who shared their knowledge and wrote the instructions, explaining the know how. To say , you can not teach an old dog new tricks maybe a common phrase, but i am here to say it is not a true one. This old dog is still learning and loving and enjoying flight, simply because of Hobbyists, aviators of all sorts sharing their knowledge and expertise It has been therapy and it has relived many health issue, and has helped me cope with my many issues. It is an outlet to get away from all the problems and issues of life . My health also, by the Grace of God has improved and being able to fly gets me out and walking and moving around and having fun instead of setting, worrying and wondering what is next . Flight is not just something we do, flight is something we live, it is within us , we all have dreamed of flying, we now are able to experience it . We love it so, much, we value it like our children or spouses,our families , it is that dear to us and why we fight for it, we seek to preserve it for our children and their children and their children’s children…it is that important, we love it that much. It opens a door to another world , another time, another space, another life , another presence , we are those children again , …we live it again…the dream, the hope, the joy, the pleasure, the fun…..O what a dream , flight fulfills. To lose that Dream is like losing life itself. Anyone who has ever experienced it… lives that dream, fulfills that moment, we relish in it…..It is who we are, it is a part of us. To take it away, would be like losing a part of us , a dream forgotten , a life never lived, a moment in time , that never occurs , a grief that can not be healed . To say the heaven and heaven of heavens can not contain Our God, as flight brings us nearer to him, is a presence of peace that none else can fill…That is how I feel while i am flying…that joy, that peace, that calmness…. ….Yes Flight is that Love .that life, that place……That Dream fulfilled. Eddie Williams Flying Buzzard”