, Jacksonville

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-13 20:59:09
“At my age ( over 65 ) building and flying a “remote control” model airplane, has been something I have wanted to do my entire life, but never had “the time”. I did participate in “model rocketry” in elementary and high school, and have enjoyed that, and other forms of a “modeling hobby” with my children. I was very timid or reserved at first, getting into “the hobby”, but then I discovered “Flite Test”. Watching and learning from Josh and Josh, and all the other great Flite Test Family has, inspired, encouraged, enlightened, thrilled and given me a passion I hadn’t had or knew I could have, before. It’s been therapeutic and richly rewarding. I love the time I spend putting something together that works! And given that confidence I can see it actually do what it was designed to… and be the one making that happy. That cannot fully be expressed in words… but is truly heart felt. I belong to two flying clubs. One is 45 miles and the other 60 miles from my home. After being chased off of every school in the area, vacant lot and park… I had no choice but to join, at least one, and by doing so be “required” to join the AMA for insurance purposes. While I am not yet on a “fixed income” many of the members I have made friends with are… and “the hobby” has become quite expensive for many. Also there seems to be less and less available for those interested in building model airplanes, boats, cars, etc. When I was young there was a Hobby Shop just around the corner from wherever you lived… now you have to look to the internet ( made in China ) and/or travel perhaps great distances to find a hobby shop. My city ( Jacksonville Florida ) has over 1 million people, and there are only two that I know of. Another concern I have is for the young people I see every day, completely absorbed in their own little “virtual world”. On their phone, smart device, gaming system… and feel sorry for them in a way. I wonder if they don’t feel they can go outside and actually participate in and learn from such an enriching experience. It’s something I think they should all be encouraged to do. Well, I could go on, but I hope I have made some sense of how I feel, and hope this encourages those who can, make it possible for all to participate. And for those who have been so instrumental in doing so (i.e. Flite Test ) I have only my most heartfelt and sincere thanks! JaxRCExplorer”