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2020-02-13 20:58:14
“Well I’m Now 66 1/2 years old, I live Totally on $600 a month SSI & Food Stamps, I have No Family & Few Friends other than other RC Flyers! I started flying planes at age 13 in 1968, I grew up with No Father (Never met him!) or any good father figures & my mother was never around since she was always working to pay the bills for us to just survive. I was the oldest of 3 kids & I was forced to help raise my younger 1/2 brother & sister from about that same age of 12-13 years old when my mother got divorced from my 2nd & step father! She re-married 2 more times before I turned 17, all were abusive to her & us kids! Soo out of 4 fathers, none were any good to me! So being a latch key kid all my youth, I found flying at local parks with a school friend & his uncle, I started delivering news papers at age 14 & earned up enough moneys to buy a $15 Cox .049 line plane kit, then that summer my surrogate uncle taught us how to build some Combat Kittens Scratch Kit planes, we flew competition circle combat & broke/repaired them over & over again! I took my 4 years younger little brother with me to the parks to fly some also & he really liked it also! Well (I Feel) from those experiences at age 18 he joined the Air Force, He Worked on Telemetry & Radar Systems on F-16 to 18s at Nelles AFB in Nevada for 4 years, got out of the USAF & moved to Logan Utah to go work on NASA Space Shuttle Programs, He was part of every space shuttle launch until they shut down & Now he is a Top Engineer For The Space-X Programs & Way Beyond In Top Secret Government Projects Etc!!! Now back to my flight story, I got married at age 18 to get away from all my dysfunctional mother/family, I continued building up to 6′ wingspan competition gas pattern planes & a 14′ Sailplane that I won awards with for Longest Flight Times Etc! I flew all thru the 80s & 90’s then lost interest in it for all the 2000s? I worked In Construction Trades & made very good money to pay for my very expensive flying habits over the many years! I quit working due to on job disabilities, moved to Texas & started flying planes again in about 2008, I then started to buy Every Horizon, FMS & Many Other Brands of Foam/Electric Planes On The Market & I Now Own Well Over 200 Planes / Quads/Power Gliders+ Other R/Csw with only a small portion being small, most are 2 ft to 14+ ft Wingspans, I live on a rural ranch & fly over mine & my neighbors 100+ acres of hay fields, I joined the near towns city parks committees to help organize weekend flying build shops & flight lessons for school children of the area! Soo Bottom Line these highly rediculaus rules would totally impact my life, we wouldn’t be able to help the young kids or even fly ourselves with what is being proposed by the FAA!!! It Will Kill The Sport Entirely!!! Not To Mention The Well Over $50,000+ I Have Invested Over The Years On My Very Large Collection That Would Have No Resales Values & Not Be Able To Fly Them Anywheres In A 50 Miles Diameter From Where I Live!? And With The Rules On Planes with these Remote ID+ & No More Scratch Builds, We Wouldn’t Even Be Able To Do Crash Repairs To Which We Have Many Of & All The Time!? Y’alls Have Your Heads WAY UP Your Butts Ifin You Think We Are Going To Live With All These Restrictions!!! When In Fact I Can Build An Ultra-Light Real Airo-Plane & Fly It With Hardly NO Restrictions At All??? Are Y’alls Mad Or Something in Your Willing To Trash Us & Our Hobbies To Sell All The Air Spaces Off To BIG Businesses For The Money As The Main Agenda??? As Far as I Understand The Owner’s Property Rights In These Parts Of The Country, We Own Our Water, Oil & Gas Rights Below, Plus We Own 100 Feet Of The Airspace Above The Highest Tree Etc On All Our Rural Properties, Soo Ifin Anyone Invades MY Air Space I Will Surely Start Enforcing My Shoot Down Rules, Soo Before You Start A NEW Modern Civil War In This Country, Y’alls Best Reconsider All This B/S A Whole Bunch & Right Quick, Ya-Hear!!! Now Watch This Video Of A Younger Smart Man’s Perspective Also Ifin Ya Don’t Wanna Listen To Any Old Ones Who Faught To Keep This Country FREE Of Communism & Really Bad Decisions Makings In Our Government!!! #SayNoToNewFAAProposals #DoNotTreadOnMe #NeverStopTheRC Thanks”