, New Jersey

, United States

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2020-02-13 18:55:30
“Started from scratch building in ‘70s as a kid, continued till ‘80s when I started flying full size gliders, skydiving, hang gliding, ballooning, founded hang gliding and ballooning club on university I studied on in 1985. All that was in Europe. After coming to US in early ‘90s joined AMA and local club, started flying model airplanes again, mostly for fun and recreation. Than came multirotors first DJI FlameWheel built from parts, than multiple quads in 5”’ than 2.5 and 3”, micros, and finally 7 inches, also single and twin engine wings and planes with every kind of a control board, and firmware. Currently flying quads, wings, planes and cinema drones in up to DJI Matrice600 size with Ronin MX and Red Camera. Part 107 certified, so is my son (college student and small business owner). I’m 56yo now and after flying everything except broom for almost half of a century on two continents I may be grounded so future corporate interests can enjoy our airspace, my airspace. Thanks to the hobby or hobbies I am who I am, my skills, knowledge and mechanical understanding came from building models from sticks and balsa wood in 70s when I was just a kid and progressed to today’s day. I hope it will not be changed by one stroke of a pen.”