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2020-02-13 18:55:58
“I think it is a fundamental step in the wrong direction to stifle the ability of private citizens to fly model aircraft. If these rules had been in place 10 years ago, drones as we know them would not exist. 20 year ago and radio controled flight would never have come to be. 30 years ago and model aircraft would simply not exist. Flying model aircraft was a way for my dad and I to bond, and to learn patience and how to build model aircraft. This influenced my life in so many positive ways that I can not imagine not being able to have other families experience the same sort of positive growth and bonding experience. It influenced my later interest in computers and electronics, as at the time HAM radio and model aircraft still seemed to go hand in hand. As I responded in the survey – I have the luxury of financial freedom that would allow me to comply, but the rules as outlined in the NPRM today would force me to stop flying on my own property – and that would seriously compromise my enjoyment of the hobby. I further think that the impact of those less financially able, including educational orginizations, would truly limit the innovation that this hobby drives forward – aeronautics, physics, electronics, computer engineering, computer programming, and general engineering / problem solving. It would truly be tragic if the few aircraft that he and I built together would be “banned” from flying over a period of time, or that I would no longer be able to legally fly them on our family’s property. I do wish I had a tear-provoking story to tell – but the reality is that this hobby was just one of many positive aspects of my childhood that made me closer to my family. I think perhaps the most profound component is that it is one of the few that I still enjoy 35 years later. I understand that the world has changed, and that low altitude autonomous drones have a place in it – but not at the cost of those who’s hobby and passion made them possible in the first place. The FAA must follow their remit, and use a data-driven approach to minimize the impact on hobby fliers.”