, Canada

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2020-02-24 22:56:51
“I’M a 64 year old enjoying this hobby for more than 35 years,whenever I have the opportunity and whether permits I’M flying my airplane models nothing gives me more enjoyment than being out at the flying field withe my fellow flyers spending time outdoors withe this hobby,some like fishing,some like golfing,some like sports,well i do enjoy for many years this hobby,building planes,flying them crash them etc.been thru all the stages doing so,pass it to young generation my son;s and my grandson,being safe and flying in a safety environment it is a must concern to me all the time,keeping up and sustain this hobby is sometimes difficult as it is implementing all this rules it seems a bit to extreme,so lets keep it as it is, we do not need nonsense rules/or money grabber laws,for the people acting irresponsible putting others in danger punishing them YES i go with that ,all drones with certain capabilities of long range YES does should have some ID on them AND who are the pilots operating them,this is the concerning ones, drones can fly everywhere planes not very likely anywhere this is my tinging gentlemen,lets keep it simple,thank you.”