, New York

, United States

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2020-02-20 14:23:24
“I’ve been in the rc model airplane hobby 50 something years,2 brothers 2nephews,all in same hobby,we belong to a rc model airplane club in NY AMA FAA cert.which started in 1956,we all build and fly.some electric,some gas,some glow fuel.We fly by AMA Safety rules.The Club has it’s own flying field,Our club has Safety rules as well as the AMA rules.We sponsor events within our town and county, scouts,little league,civil air patrol, we introduce the kids to the hobby of model aviation, building tech.and flying,we have a trainer plane and a buddy box we fly and let them opp.the controls,let them experience flight. We also have Commercial pilots and private pilots in our club.This hobby has been around for many years,its world wide hobby, many businesses and this hobby,employing quite a number of people world wide. Model Aircraft Flying Safely over 80 years.”