, Kerrville

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-20 14:18:56
“I’ve been interested in aviation since 1948 when I watched my father and his ‘Bud’ recover a J3 Cub in the attic of a barn. I had my first ride in that plane when it was completed. If I hear an aircraft…. I have to look at it. Fortunately I live about 2 miles off the end of an active municipal airport!!!! The FAA and the government needs to square away their thinking on these issues. They all ready have ‘registered’ over a million models and UPVs. How the hell could you ever keep track of that mess? And now they want to put telemetry on every aircraft? Hell! We have a hard time keeping a mobile phone working here in Texas due to signal losses and dropped calls. This is an amazingly stupid idea. FAA needs to focus on real safety issues like: 737 MAX flight controls and programing. Or, getting on the problem of risk taking and piss-poor decision making like has occurred with Mr. Kobe Bryant, et.al. Or, the overloaded Pilatus that took off in bad weather and crashed up in South Dakota leaving 9 (NINE) dead. Or, the ‘bold pilot’ who ran out of gas about 4 miles from our airport and pancaked his Baron in killing 6. How about that Prime Air flight 3591 that augered in down in Trinity Bay near Houston a year ago??? Or better…. how about that P-51 that crashed giving an old vet a ride over in Fredericksburg, TX. Yep, ran out of gas doing a roll over town at low level. WE ARE STILL WAITING ON THE INVESTIGATION REPORTS and corrective actions here Guys! But you can worry over model aircraft and UPVs…… Right….. go ahead and tell us FAA… about how risky, unsafe and unregulated aero modeling is…..”