, Newton

, Kansas

, United States

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2020-02-19 9:37:28
“As a widower and single father of two daughters just entering teen years I got into this hobby as an educational activity for us to do together. I see the thrill of putting these drones together and seeing their creation fly. It has inspired them to learn more about electronics and technical studies. My oldest daughter is now in high school and is active on the robotics team and her previous experience with drones is helping her. My own experience is after a tragic fracture in our family when going through 10 months of the last part of my wife’s life was hell on all of us and this hobby gave us something and a little escape to fly. I have heard other stories of drug addiction and depression when people found this hobby and they can fly and have something to look forward to. It is an out of body experience you have to focus and all that is in your head is flying. I see the need for national security but our little drones don’t have the power to lift anything significant or the stability to fire a weapon. As far as crowded skies for drone deliveries, that’s a bizarre concept! The government does not give exclusive rights to all roads and outdoor spaces for trucking! I believe this is a complicated issue but I don’t think you can give commercial applications the entire air space. Divide this into National security issue and commercial applications and define what the individual necessities are. Commercial drones should not get the entire airspace at the expense of everyone! If mass drone delivery becomes practical that will be far more dangerous and in need of more regulation than us little guys with our little fpv drones! For my personal drone use I would like if we could build up to 600 grams, and have surface to 250 feet up and about 1000 feet radius around me. I don’t want to fly over personal property or people unless I have their permission. This country has millions or billions of acres that we can fly our toys and not bother anyone seems ridiculous to take all that away!”