, Kansas

, United States

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2020-02-19 9:36:47
“I have scratch built or kit built many aircraft from a young age. I started off with balsa gliders, then gas fixed wing, and now I fly custom built FPV race/freestyle quadcopters. These activities fostered a love of flying from a young age, and helped push me to receive my ASEL Commercial/Instrument pilot’s licences/ratings. I now work as an aviation systems engineer at one of the major aircraft avionics companies, and I love my career. None of the aircraft I have built and flown–not a SINGLE ONE–would be able to comply with the remote ID requirements. Simply put, a life long passion (and career) of mine would likely have been nipped at the bud had these regulations been in place when I was young. I fear for the future of this hobby, both for myself and especially for the next generation of children who would be deprived of such a fun, educational, and fulfilling hobby/career.”