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2020-02-23 4:24:51
“The threat is not the average hobbyist, the threat is what could be and terrorist’s. You say not to fear terrorist’s but this is exactly what you are doing yourselves and instead of fixing the problem your just putting a band aid on the real issue and trying to ban it all together by the looks of it. This has nothing do with the average Joe. Yah i get it a few bad apples flying where they were not supposed to be and great punish them ban them fine them and ban all hobby aircrafts near airports and public events unless authorized. A few bad apples flying in downtown areas around skyscrapers busy places and crowds I can see how someone would get hurt. most hobby sites now have enough experience where anyone new can learn to fly, learn rules , and safety. But for the average hobbyist like myself you will force me out. Me I like technology and i am able to see how things work and be innovative creating new technology for myself. I also like aerial photography and family pictures, hiking , biking which i mostly use my collection for. I can t afford to go any further in the hobby where i am now. To many rules not enough space. If forced i will stop buying parts and new toys all together and change hobby’s and put my money else where. Many people will need to look for employment else where i am sure as this will force the mom and pop and online places to close doors. Not to mention the vast amount of information their community forums have for flight safety and basic construction and collaborating NEW ideas. for Clubs? There are not enough clubs in any area, around me anyways with enough space. Not to mention a lack of clubs with indoor or outdoor racing. The way the hobby is going now you will not get a younger gen to continue on as there will be no interest which will lack with the kid in the basement of his parents house inventing the next best thing. Think outside the box create flight parks, creat public free courses on safety flying in rural and city.”