, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-24 15:03:17
“It’s mainly added cost and bureaucracy. I think they are overreacting to small degree. The limitations are bad enough, I could safely fly a drone to within 100-200 feet above my multi-acreage property but if you go by the book, I’m within 2 no-fly zones of local airports. It stinks I can’t even fly a drone below tree top height on my property because of limitations they say will impact air traffic around me. It won’t be long before they will require a black box at the rate they going with new laws. There is a local air field not too far from me, but they are packed with RC aircraft and the chance to fly would be limited due to the number of people participating. It’s to the point I want to sell all my stuff and be done with it. What happens when I take it to my land that doesn’t have cell reception at all? Am I now an outlaw because a beacon won’t work? What about cell tower traffic? Our data and service is already impacted by the increase of smart device traffic. It’s never ending.”