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2020-02-16 15:17:39
“i began in this wonderful hobby at the age of eight( im now 60 this year) my father and i built many planed between us over the years, and i enjoy passing my knowledge on to others, we formed a school club many years ago, and this taught many youngsters the virtues of patience, as well as various tecnical spects of design, material usage, and other skills sucha as electronics, woodworking, technical drawing, all skills that were taught at school , but bought to life via aeromodelling, Add to this social skills, communication, and organisational skills, maths and english, i feel that aeromodelling in general works alongside and enhances education. As in many walks of life theses days however Financial constraints apply to us all, and i feel that neeedless rule making of the kind proposed here will ultimately stifle the hobby wich as you may know has an excellent safety record thanks to the hard work of responsible model clubs. so to sum up. model flying matters to me because of the knowledge it teaches, the people it involves, and the benefits of getting out into the open air, and because i enjoy it!”