, Louisiana

, United States

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2020-02-25 18:41:14
“Flying is the best thing about my life. I dont know where id be without it honestly, if im not flying or making plans to fly im working on my drones or building new ones.I’ve met most of my friends through flying not only in my city but all around the world. Ive been obsessed with drones my whole life but 2 years ago when i discovered FPV it changed everything! im taking my part 107 exam in a few months and have plans to make a profession out of this assuming everything goes well with the NPRM. Im not the most political or outspoken person when it comes to these things and thats what i enjoyed most about this hobby, no politics. Hopefully ill be able to continue to enjoy flying in the future in the same or similar manner as so many have been for so long.”