, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-18 12:13:21
“I began flying model aircraft when I was about 14 years old (20 years ago) and have been hooked ever since. For some time, it was something my father and I did together. Now, it is a way for daughter and I to connect. My daughter and I both look forward to the time we spend in our work shop creating planes and flying them. Without this hobby, I am not sure how we would connect. It allows me to teach her about the things I love like math and science while giving it a fun face like flying a place or helicopter. Equally, she likes to see me crash. This, too, it a teaching moment. Not everything works the first time. We make corrections and try again. My main flying craft is a custom made foam aircraft. It is approximately 2 feet wide and is a slow flyer. I live in the middle of the Midwest on a large property that is personally owned. That is my flying site that takes 99% of my flight. Looking at the proposed regulations, it would no longer be a feasible activity for use to enjoy together. The cost alone would be prohibitive and the complexity of the added electronics would detract from the enjoyment of the build. Also, I am extremely sensitive to my privacy and that of my family. The education factor along should be of great concern. I expose my daughter to STEM as much as possible and this is a powerful tool. It is fun AND educational. I am convinced there are no other hobbies like this one. The things one can learn are limitless and the surrounding community is astonishing. The fees associated with the proposals would halt my families enjoyment of this hobby. Also, forcing the use of a club based field would be restrictive and they have heavy costs associated with them. I have access to several aches of safe land to fly. I have already restricted myself to this flying area because I do not want to be forced to travel to fly. Giving the ability to make my property or approved property a flying site would a good compromise for the proposed solution. Also, if i am away from my flying site and I am able to display where I am flying, that would be beneficial and provide the information desired. Please consider the impact of these regulations while making your decisions and recommendations.”