, Canada

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2020-02-18 12:23:15
“My first kit was a 18cm wing span balsa that would only go straight or in a left or right circle depending on how I fixated the rudder, and all i needed was small park and no wind. so far after over 30 years building or buying ready to fly airplane or multirotor, or cars and boat, I never had safety issue toward any other identity other than myself and my craft. and I know alot of others like me with same background and experience. flying time used to be just few minutes in electric power and abit more an gas. but now days its different story , in this hobby you spend more on preparation, sometimes months to just have it on air or land or water for few lousy minutes. if we had a smart government, they would promote this and make it easier so those that choose other hobbies like gambling and drinking and smoking and so on …. would get to a lifetime learning hobby opportunity”