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, Colorado

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2020-02-24 11:32:13
“These regulations are crippling hobby and educational flying with undue complexity and uncertainty. The future of our country depends on stimulating the interest of our children in the sciences and to pursue careers in the engineering, computer science, physics and mathematics. If we don’t we’ll become a third world country. I have mentored a number of kids over the years and introducing them to RC aircraft has been a life changing event for many of them, going on to pursue careers in engineering and computer science. The concept that you can design and build something that flies with your own two hands, and don’t have to just buy it on Amazon is mind boggling to many people. Not being able to take a foamy (8oz-3lbs) they just built to a local school or vacant field (and have to deal with a bunch of crazy FAA regulations) would be crippling. It is about encouraging kids to try different things; crashing; learning; and trying again. Official club flying sites are too distant and not practical compared to a local school yard. Both of my sons grew up with foamies. it was part of their life. Not only did they learn CAD and electrical skills, and design their own planes, but we also designed, built, wound and flew our own electric motors. My oldest graduated near the top of his class with an MS in Aerospace, working on super computer simulation fluid flow optimizations for trans-sonic jet engine inlet duct flow. He has worked at GoogleX and is now working on motor control subsystem FW for a “flying car” startup in the Bay area. The other received a BSME and has worked at a company designing full scale airliner wing jig fixtures, and is now working at a solid state battery startup designing advanced factory process equipment. I have been an AMA member since the early 70’s, and the safety rules have served us well. Not being able to fly a 6 ft RC sailplane above 400 feet is absurd. I can see where it is reasonable to ID heavier aircraft flying above 400 ft as they can handle the weight. I also think it would be a good idea to require turn key ARF aircraft being sold as complete systems to be ID’ed. What’s important is to preserve the freedom for kids to experiment and learn without being encumbered by onerous rules and regulations.”