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2020-02-24 11:36:16
“I’m 68 years old and have always loved aviation. Unfortunately eye sight has restricted me from becoming a commercial pilot. To fulfill my love of aviation I have been a model aviator ever since I can remember and have been flying safely all forms of RC since 1979. I have attached pictures of my family which will show four generations of model aviators starting with me. I love all forms of model aviation and I have participated in everything from freeflight to giant scale and am currently enjoying FPV drone racing and free style flight. Remote ID is a huge concern and in my opinion could kill the hobby as I have know it. I have smaller airplanes that will not be able to carry the weight on any remote ID as I know it. Party of the joy of model aviation is creating and building your own designs which as I understand I won’t be able to do if the new Remote ID in its current form is passed. Altitude restrictions is another concern while flying sailplanes or giant scale aircraft which commonly exceed the proposed 400′ altitude limit will kill the joy we have experienced for many years. I’m not apposed to those restrictions within 5 miles of an airport that makes good sense. That being said many model aviation clubs are currently flying from not controlled airports with no safety issues. It would be helpful if you could allow fixed CBO flying sites to continue to fly unrestricted as we have for years. But more than that we also need to be able to relocate those flying sites as needed. Often we fly in public parks or private property and for some reason the lease is not renewed or new development moves into the area making it impossible to keep flying in that location. Not allowing new flying sites to be added to the LAANC data base will also kill the hobby as we know it. Without model aviation how will we inspire new young aviators to become pilots, astronauts and designers for the future of aviation. Please take the advice of our representatives and work with them so we can all enjoy our fascination of fight well into the future. Best Regards John C. Thomas AMA# 106322”